Created by Hollywood vocal coach Seth Riggs, Speech Level Singing (SLS) is a revolutionary vocal training technique that maximizes your vocal abilities in any style of singing.

From Opera to Rock; Jazz to Pop or R&B, over 120 Grammy award winners use it. SLS has also been practiced by Academy Award winning actors and industry leaders to perfect their vocal presence and empower them in speech.

In many cases SLS rehabilitates vocal damage caused by poor teaching or years of abuse, that could otherwise limit or even end a career, or worse - require continual medical intervention. SLS training will both improve your voice allowing you to sing safely and with greater range, no "cracks," "breaks," or losing strength in the middle connection.

Speech Level Singing is a way of using your voice that allows you to sing freely and clearly with maximum power and clarity.

Since you are not learning what to sing but rather how to sing and maintain an even balance through your bridges, you can apply this technique to any type of music.

Watch Seth Riggs'
3 hour Masterclass -
Seth explains the fundamentals of the Speech Level Singing Method. He also vocalizes Natalie Cole over the phone.

Seth Riggs answers questions on singing, vocal technique, voice types, performing and more.

While developing Speech Level Singing, Seth was influenced by various singers. Take a listen to these singers - the same ease of vocal registration is what you will notice is applied in the Speech Level Singing method and can be used in any genre of music, language or style.

John Charles Thomas
American Baritone

Robert Weede
American Baritone

Tito Schipa
Italian Tenor

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