In the middle of his concert at the famous Forum in Los Angeles, superstar Stevie Wonder stopped the show to acknowledge, in front of thousands of fans, a man who has had much to do with the success and longevity of his vocal career. He wasn't referring to his manager or record producer. He was referring to Seth Riggs - his voice teacher.

Seth Riggs is considered by many to be the best and most successful voice teacher in the world. He is certainly the busiest. No other teacher, past or present, has ever matched his phenomenal track record. His students are a veritable "Who's Who" of singers, actors, dancers, and entertainers throughout the world.

Seth Riggs's vocal technique and the methods he uses to teach the technique were forged and tempered by the fierce demands placed on the world's top performers, who must often perform several shows a night - night after night! A great deal of money is always at stake, so his clients' voices must be able to function easily, without strain. It is no wonder that whenever singers come to Los Angeles from other parts of the world, producers, directors and fellow performers send them to see this master vocal technician.

Riggs lectures and conducts Master Classes on vocal technique at colleges and universities all around the world. He also has assisted some of the country's foremost doctors who specialize in organic and functional disorders of the voice in vocal therapy (the elimination of vocal nodules, polyps, and various conditions of fibrosis). In the pragmatic world of show business, where time is money, Seth Riggs is the man professionals turn to for results.

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